A logo represents the identity of your company. It creates good impression on your customers about your business. Company’s values are best represented by the best logo. Your company logo enhances professional appearance when used on company letterhead, vehicles, etc. To put it simple, a company logo boosts brand loyalty.

There are three common types of logos:

  • font-based
  • literal artworks
  • abstract symbols

But a combination of these three types, sometimes, include in some logo. Font-based logo simply just involves a company name in desired font, whereas, literal artworks include catchy illustrations as well as the business name. These artworks describe the nature of business in a unique way.

For example, a hammer or screwdriver alongside the name of mechanic shop sends message about the business nature. On the other hand, abstract symbols create and promotes brand identity effectively, for example consumers immediately identify Puma panther logo that promotes ‘Forever Faster’ mission of the brand.

However, abstract symbol logos can be risky for new companies as customers associate your company with the logo immediately, while, customers recognize companies by their names using font-based logos.

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